Young dog day september 2016

Together with the kennels v.d. Posthoornwieke and Eaglespur we have organised a young dog day on sunday 4 september 2016. We have invited the owners of the dogs of our F litter.

img_5017From left to right:
Left top: Meagan ( Thunder Dragon Caitlin) mother of our F litter.
From left to right: Roxy (Thunder Dragon Felicity), Jodi ( Thunder Dragon Faithful Jodi), father Gino ( Guard Gino von Mainhattan) en Laika ( Thunder Dragon Freija). The owners of Farkas and Faelin couldn’t come unfortunately.

For us is the young dog day a cosy day to see and speak eachother  Owners from our puppies can have a chat, and can see all dogs back. See how they have matured. For us it gives a lot of information about the combination we have done. We can see how they build, how their character has developed, and if they are healthy and fit. It tells us if we can repeat the combination or not.


This time the owners came from a distance. We want to thank you all very much for coming.
We look back on a cosy and nice day, which was educational. The time has flown. We hope to see you soon.

We want to thank Jan and Greetje for the possibility to use their dogschool, field and equipment.
Max de Gids for helping me with the pictures.
Paul and Anja van Kouwen for baby sitting our youngest one Nyssa.

For more pictures of this day, click here.