Viper 1e keer strand 3

My name is Viper ( Eaglespur United Star)
My name is a dragon name and comes from Dodge Viper.

Viper 1e keer strand 4

I am born on 19th july 2017.
My mum is Eaglespur Hanne-Lynn and my dad is Dimitri Duke von Alpenrhein.

Viper liggend 6 maandHeight: 39.5 cm
Patella luxation: at the moment the veterinarian haven’t seen any problems in my muskeloskeleton system
Von Willebrandsfactor: will be tested. My mum and dad are both free
ISAG 2006 DNA Profile is known.

I am a big cuddle.
Playing with Nyssa and Meagan are my favorite. I like to run and chase with them.
I have followed the Coarse Working together with your Puppy, and working together with your toddler.. I am going further with obedience Working Together with your teenager and show training.

Viper 1e keer strand 1



Pedigree Viper:

Stamboom Viper

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