Puppies born on 10 june 2016

Elin has given birth on friday evening 10 june 2016 to four puppies.

IMG_2468At 20.04 hour bitch pink was born. Birth weight 230 gram.
20.58 boy blue was born. Birth weight 226 gram.
21.24 bitch yellow was born. Birth weight 222 gram.
21.58 boy grey was born. Birth weight 240 gram.

IMG_2540The boys, marked with grey and blue.
They will have the following pedigree names:
Thunder Dragon Garion and Thunder Dragon Gunnar


The girls, marked with pink and yellow.
They will have the following pedigree names:
Thunder Dragon Geneviève en Thunder Dragon Ghislain Yumi

Elin and her kids are doing great. She is a lovely and carefull mummy.
The puppies opened their eyes at 22 june.

Groepsfoto 6 weken23-7-16: We are 6 weeks old. We run and chase through the house and the garden.
We make everything unsafety. The owners know how they want to call us. The boys: Jaxx and Pongo. The girls: Nyssa and Yumi.

All puppies from Elin are been spoken.

For pictures of the development of the puppies: click here