Walk Noordwijk 15 octobre

On saturday 15 octobre was our Beach Walk at Noordwijk.
The hole week was the weather forcast not very promising. When we drove in the morning it still was raining, but when we parked our car the rain stopped and the sun was coming through.


There were a lot of Manchester terriers, it was beyond expectations.
Also from Belgium, Manchester terrier owners had made the trip to Noordwijk. Absolute fabulous!
We want to thank you all for coming.


When we arrived on the beach, the dogs went of leash, and the fun started. Running, chasing and playing
It was marvelous to see how much fun they had. Everybody had a friend to play with.
When they run by they picked pockets for candy.


All kids from Elin were there. From left to right: Pongo, Nyssa, Yumi, Jaxx and Elin.
It was real nice to see these little fellows.

We want to thank all people that have come and for their conviviality.
For us a reason to keep on going with our walks. We look back with a smile on our face.

For more pictures of our beach walk, click here

Pictures taken by Max de Gids, click here