Laika is mummy

Laika (Thunder Dragon Freija) and Odin v.d. Posthoornwieke are the proud parents of 5 puppies.

Laika did everything from start of the mating till the labour conform the book. On 2 juli during a beautiful labour she gave birth to 1 Prince and 4 Princess.
The first was born at 17.35 hour, this was a boy of 250 gram. He has a yellow collar.
The second was a bitch, weight 250 gram. She has a orange collar.
The thirth was a bitch, weight 238 gram. She has a red collar.
The fourth was a bitch, weight 222 gram. She has a blue collar.
The fifth was a bitch, born at 18.23 hour, weight 240 gram. She has a green collar.

Laika is doing everything on a trot, so also her labour. She is a proud an lovely mummy. Her kids grow very nice.
All puppies are reserved.

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