International dogshow Bleiswijk.

In the weekend of 3 and 4 november 2018 we have brought out two of our own bred dogs at the International Dogshow Bleiswijk.

Jaxx ( Thunder Dragon Gunnar) was placed 2th in the Open class dogs under the Irish judge Miss U. Rigney and became res. best dog.
He is now a Dutch Champion

Nyssa (Thunder Dragon Geneviève) was placed 1th in the Open class, became Best Opposite Sex.
She is also now a Dutch Champion.

On sunday the dutch Mrs v.d. Berg gave Jaxx 2th place in the Open class
Nyssa got a 1th place in the open class, Became Best Bitch and Best of Breed.

We are very proud of these fantastic dogs. They did a marvelous job.
Irma and Jason may congrats on your little man.
Two dutch champions in one weekend, it feels amazing.