Character MT

A working and companion dog rolled into one.

The Manchester terrier is a fiery, bright and active breed. When he runs free he is like a small black tornado being very fast and extremely agile. Many people will ask if it is a Doberman. The breed added colour and tenacity to Herr Doberman’s new breed. With good sight and hearing the Manchester does not miss anything.

An ideal watch dog although small in size he will always inform or protect his owner when necessary with his bark…

The Manchester has a consistent and fearless nature once called he will not always return until he has explored and is happy that all is how it should be. During the breeds early history he worked on his own and had to make his own decisions.As with many breeds dominance has to be taken into account with male dogs and sometimes bitches will not get on with each other. It is important for them to be trained to fit into modern society.

With his elegant and good bone structure the Manchester is fast and agile. He is dedicated to his family and enjoys being with them. The breed enjoys exercise and enjoys learning but at times is inclined to get bored. The owner of a Manchester needs to strong willed as his dog can be stubborn. The Manchester does not do well with harsh handling but with kindness the Manchester excels in action sports. For example Fly ball, agility and dog Frisbee.