F litter

The F litter of 2015 comes out the combination:
Meagan (Thunder Dragon Caitlin) x Gino (Guard Gino von Mainhattan).
Born on 22 june 2015.
The litter exists two dogs and three bitches.

image1-2Thunder Dragon Farkas ( Farkas) lives in Switserland.
Meaning : wolf

Keegan 2 7-5-16

Thunder Dragon Faelan (Keegan) lives in Brabant, the Netherlands.
Meaning: young wolf

Thunder Dragon Freija (Laika) lives in Belgium
Meaning: sweet, lover.
Her owners breed with her under the Kennelname of House Audiens


Thunder Dragon Faithful Jodi (Jodi) lives in Hessen, Germany
Meaning: Hopefull


Thunder Dragon Felicity (Roxy) lives in Nord Holland, the Netherlands
Meaning: energetic, joy