I am Meagan (Thunder Dragon Caitlin)


I am born on 20th december 2010.
My mother is Nikay (Thunder Dragon Aranka) and my dad is Chevy (Black Bandits Grand Chanymed JW’07)
I died at 21 december 2023

IMG_5602 (2)

Height: 15.9 inch
Von Willebrandsfactor: free
Mutations none, genotype N/N
Patella luxation free, PL-0
ISAG 2006 DNA Profile is known


I am a happy and open whirlwind. Very curious and learning fast.
I have followed a course showtraining.
I like to run and play with my housemates, hunting is my favorite.
I can cuddle as the best.
In behaviour I am a still a puppy. I am mum of 15 kids.



Youth Winster 2011
Winster 2011 en 2014
Dutch Youth Champion 2011
Dutch Champion
International Champion
Benelux Winster 2014

Unpublished titles:

Belgium Best Junior 2011
Best in Show at the MTH 2014
Best in Show at the MTH 2016

stamboom meagan

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