My name is Yumi (Thunder Dragon Ghislain Yumi)
Mijn name means beautiful.

Yumi 10 juni 2017 2
Height: 38,5 cm ( 15.2 inch)
Willebrandsfactor: My mum and dad are both vWD free.
Patella luxatie: Free
ISAG 2006 DNA profile is known.


I live together with Jen-ai and Kaipo.
I like to play, to think about everything that is not aloud. I am curious and learn very fast. I am not impressed in new situations or people. I am a cuddle for everyone. I am a happy whirlwind.

I have ended my puppy obedience,  elementary obedience , elementary obedience A + B and firework training with very good results. I am mummy of eight kids.

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