My name is Jen-ai ( Thunder Dragon Hadiya)
My name means: She that likes people

I am born on 7 march 2018.
My mum is Nyssa ( Thunder Dragon Geneviève NJK’17, JW’17) and my dad is Blake ( Mimbre First Mate)

Height: At 20 weeks I was 35 cm and 6.3 kg.
Von Willebrands Disease: Both parents are free. Will be tested when I am older.
Patella luxation: Not seen at 18 weeks
ISAG 2006 DNA profile: is known

I am very open and like to play and cuddle. I  live with Terry and Yumi. I see Yumi as my mummy. I like to play and chase with them. I am one big bundle of joy and most of the time in for action.
My owners Marcel and Sonja start with obedience with me. At the moment I am a little rascal.

Pedigree Jen-ai:

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