A litter

The A litter from 2009 is coming from the following combination:
Caelin (Wise Lady v.d. Posthoornwieke) x Yukan (Iss Hogai Yukan)
Born on 12 february 2009.
This combination had three dogs and two bitches.

Itho 2
Thunder Dragon Axel (Itho), lives in North-Holland, Holland
Meaning: Big reward

Thunder Dragon Aiden (Aiden), lives in Niedersaksen, Deutchland
Meaning: Little fire
Aiden died at the age of 8

Thunder Dragon Achi (Achiel), lives in West-Vlaanderen, Belgium
Meaning: Little man

Thunder Dragon Aranka (Nikay), lives in North-Holland, Holland
Meaning: from gold

Thunder Dragon Aelin (Maylow), lives in Drenthe, Holland
Meaning: owner has made up the name