J Litter

Born on 24-4-2019.
Parents: Nyssa ( Champ Thunder Dragon Geneviève NJK’17, JW’17 en W’18) and Viper ( Eaglespur United Star)
2 boys and 3 girls

Thunder Dragon Joash (Freddie) lives in Vanta, Finland
Name means: God’s fire ( photo made by Laura Niska)
Freddie died at the age of 1 year

Thunder Dragon Jeray ( Bassan) lives in South Holland, the Netherlands
Name means: for love

Thunder Dragon Jamayra (Lola) lives in Flevoland, the Netherlands
Name means: attractive

Thunder Dragon Jaysee (Skye) lives in Groningen, the Netherlands
Name means: beautiful child

Thunder Dragon Jocelyn ( Jane) lives in Turnhout, Belgium
Name means: flighty

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