I am Spike (Ryan Spike v.d. Posthoornwieke)

Born on 29th oktobre 2003. Died on 4 juli 2017
My mum was Lucky v.d. Posthoornwieke and my father was Dario v.d. Beckrathermuehle.

Height: 16.9 inch
Von Willebrandsfactor: vrij
mutation none, genotype N/N
Hipp photo’s: perfect

Showing was not my thing. I was a working dog in heart and bones.
I held my certificates in obedience, agility and dogfrisbee.
Gave me a ball, frisbee or brench and I knew what to do. In 2006  I became a dutch champion in the startersclass of the UFO.
I loved my owners and protected them with everything I had in me.

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