C litter

The C litter from 2010 is coming from the following combination:
Nikay (Thunder Dragon Aranka) x Chevy (Black Bandits Grand Chanymed)
Born on 20 Decembre 2010.
The combination had two dogs and three bitches.

IMG_0571Thunder Dragon Conor (Lukay), lives in Seeland, Holland
Meaning: with strong will, wise

Thunder Dragon Collin (Kimo), lives in Belgium Limburg, Belgium
Meaning: Conqueror of the people, potent

Thunder Dragon Cathy (Jara), lives in Overijsel, Holland
Meaning, blessed, pure, holy

Thunder Dragon Caitlin (Meagan), lives in North-Holland, Holland
Meaning: rein, pure

Thunder Dragon Candy (Esra), lives in Brabant, Holland
Meaning: glance, pure