Thunder Dragon Declan

Thunder Dragon Declan (Declan)

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I am born on 24th March 2013.
My mother is Dutch and Int. Champ Thunder Dragon Caitlin NJK ’11, JW’11, W’11+W’14, Benelux W’14
My dad is  KFT, VDH Champ. Charly von Mainhattan JKFT, JVDH, Bundessieger, Europasieger, Lux. Champ

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Height: 40 cm (15.7 inch)
Von Willebrands Factor: free
Genotypes N/N
ISAG 2006 DNA Profile is known
Patella luxation free, PL-0

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Declan is open and social. He likes people, children and other dog. These are his best friends.
He is a huge cuddle.
Like his mum he is a whirlwind, Always ready for action.
He has followed a puppy obedience coarse, puppy agility, agility and showtraining with good result.
At the moment he is following with his owner a Rally- O course.
pedigree Declan

Declan - Dalen 3-4-16

Dutch Youth Champion 2014
Bundessieger 2014
Dutch Champion
International Champion
VDH Champion
KFT Champion
Belgium Champion
Luxembourg Champion
Benelux Winner 2017 3x
Benelux Champion 2017

Owner: Mariska Tukker.

Contact via us.
Can be used for suitable bitches.

Kennel von Mainhattan: Kylie von Mainhattan x Thunder Dragon Declan: 5 puppies ( 1 dog and 4 bitches) 3-6-2015
Kennel von der Erft: Dilara von der Erft x Thunder Dragon Declan: 4 puppies (4 bitches) 5-9-2015
Kennel Baikis Esperanza: Waikiki Baikis Esperanza x Thunder Dragon Declan : 5 puppies ( 3 dogs and 2 bitches) 23-11-2015
Kennel Corduroy’s: Corduroy’s Kiss of Angel x Thunder Dragon Declan: 2 puppies ( 1 dog and 1 bitch) 9-5-2016
Kennel von der Erft: Dilara von der Erft x Thunder Dragon Declan 2 puppies ( 1 dog and 1 bitch) 12-10-2016

Litter expected:

Kennel Corduroy’s