Thunder Dragon Maelgwyn

My name is Odin ( Thunder Dragon Maelgwyn)

I am born on 13-12-2020
My parents are Jen-ai ( Thunder Dragon Hadiya) and Kaipo ( Bravo

Height 41 cm (16 inch)
Weight 9 kg ( 19.8 lbs)
Von Willebrands Factor: free by parents. But I will be tested
Patella luxation: nothing strange has been seen. I will be tested when I am old enough
ISAG 2006 DNA profile: is known

I live close to the beach. I have a lot of friends in the daycare. I love to run through the woods, dunes and on the beach. I am a social boy. My owners find me smart, curious and active. I also can be stubborn. I am very good in manipulate them. I am eager to please.


I am available for suitable bitches. Contact is going by us.